Monday, September 21, 2009

Land Otter Man - Origin is the Creator - AVL - 03

A couple years back I did a doom/metal/ambient/drone inspired project under the moniker of The Land Otter Man. I had access to the electro-acoustic studios at Dal at the time, so I got to use all sorts of really cool synths, including an ARP 2600! For those unfamiliar with that particular synthesizer, it's the one used to create the voice of Star Wars R2D2. Most of the stuff is created in the studio or at home using Ableton Live. I play guitars, percussion, synths, radios, mixers, and drum machines, to paint a pretty black picture. Drone-Aggedon is a piece recorded live in my friend Ryan's bedroom with him on French Horn and Keyboards and my other buddy Dan on percussion. Origin is the Creator uses the Arp 2600 to create some pretty tense drones. It's 5 tracks clocking at just over an hour, space and doom out!

Perhaps I was pretty depressed when I was making this music, it certainly sounds like it. There is no artwork.


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Shokan said...

Hi ! could you please re-upload this album over RS ? I'm studying in visual arts and I'm about to start a project in 2d traditional animation. I was looking for a rich, deep and kind of dark music since my film will be made of India ink, charcoal & coffee. A lot like Victor Hugo drawings. I was really happy to find here ''Soundmatters'' by Jean-Fran├žois Laporte. Its very close to what I'm looking for. Maybe you could propose me other artist too ? thank very much!