Monday, September 7, 2009

Deer Skull - Wolves Devour the Flesh of the Untrue - AVL - 02

Deer Skull was a black metal project that took place during the winter of 2009. Me and Ryan both became obsessed with black metal and decided to form a band. It's some pretty fucked up music I must say, but I am really proud of it. We started out writing songs but gradually the music became more and more fucked up and our love for improvisation took over, so we did lengthier, weirder music. We did a couple of shows, both radically different and improvised. I hope to play again. It's a really easy band to tour. Anyways Avant-Lard is proud to release, it's second release, Deer Skull's Wolves Devour the Flesh of the Untrue. Art by Ryan Kirk.


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