Saturday, September 12, 2009

Troy Richter on Dante White

Dante vs. Zombies is the new name for Dante White’s band. Dante started the Starlite Desperation in the mid-90s in California. He has been involved with other projects such as the short-lived The Lost Kids, but everything he has been involved with seems to belong to the pedigree of psychedelic garage punk which he seems to have a fiery teenage passion for. It’s this ironic arrogance and swagger that makes his songs so great. I have also yet to discover a better rock and roll vocalist in the last couple of decades. A few years ago, Starlite Desperation had their anthemic “Born to Be Dizzy” featured in the Asa Argento movie The Heart is Deceitful above all things. This 3 minute song is a diamond with killer lyrics which dwarfs the movie it was supposed to serve as a decoration for. White’s catalogue of songs has been growing, for the most part unnoticed, for about a decade and a half, and even if the zombies who like shitty pop music never find it, those who like the good stuff won’t be disappointed.

-Troy Richter

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