Sunday, September 13, 2009

Interview with Matthew Duffy

My friend Matthew Duffy was in town the other day, so I took the opportunity to interview him. Matthew is a close friend of my mine and one of my favorite people to talk to. There is no shortage of ideas flowing from his head, he has a truly unique and beautiful mind. He is at times brutally honest and what you see is what you get with Matthew, there are now airs or pretensions about him. I hope you enjoy the interview!



al-zaz said...

eh. cool thx for doin it was fun. Defiantly liked to do a follow up have some points and areas i think we rushed over. anywhoz. thx for the hospitality. gotza figure a way back down. ps. push harder eh. i'v seen you be mean.

Ryan Kirk said...

Cool interview guys. I'm setting up a new blog, gonna post ramblings, media, concerts, field recordings etc. Nothing up yet, but add me.