Monday, December 19, 2011

New Lantern/Dirty Beaches Bootleg for Free Download

There is a new live album available for FREE download off of our Bandcamp site. This time it's our collaboration with Dirty Beaches which took place in Brooklyn last spring. We made a tape of the bootleg which we sold out of on tour. Please feel free to spread it around and share it all with your friends - Download it and burn it to a cd to give to one of your friends for the holidays. We are really proud of the results considering how little time we had to prepare. The songs are quasi improvised and the final tune turned out to be a sort of spontaneous cover of Tom Waits' "Going Out West" - it wasn't our intention, it just sounded that way - Alex caught on though.

1 comment:

punit unisense said...

live album rocks!
Thanks for distributing the link for free!