Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ep Release Show

The first Lantern EP is being released tomorrow on Electric Voice. We are doing a release show tomorrow evening (6pm) at Lost & Found in Halifax with Omma Cobba and Scribbler. It isn’t “Lantern” but we will be playing Lantern songs, Emily and Sophie couldn’t make it up from the states, so I am calling this the No-Good Lantern Band, I’ll be playing with Christian Simmons (Play Guitar) and Andy March, I used to play with them in their project Crosss. The show is Free if you can make it.

Here is the facebook event -

I’ll be getting some copies of this tape to sell. I’ll be setting up a paypal account as well so you can buy it! We will have a few other up and coming releases as well in 2011 including:

- A Cassingle split with Cough Cool on Bathetic Records

- Another tape single with Andy March’s Craft Singles series.

- A couple of self released stuff, two splits - one with the Shambles and the other with The Ether. The shambles one will be out first, I hope to have it done by the end of February. It’ll be a run of 50 and feature some old bedroom recordings that was some stuff that I did for Omon Ra/Omon Ra II that I never got the chance to put out.



Wednesday, December 22, 2010

D'eon - Kill A Man With A Joystick in Your Hand

Here is my buddy D'eon's new music video pieced together by Olde English Spelling Bee. It has drummed up some controversy being too racy for the Pitchfork blogger arm Altered Zones, I guess images of terrorists always sparks some people's emotions. Decide for yourself though.

d'Eon "Kill a Man With a Joystick In Your Hand" from OLDE ENGLISH SPELLING BEE on Vimeo.

New City, New Friends, New Jams

Here is a recording of me and new bud Yosuke, he plays in Blackhawks as well as doing his own lysergic laced pop jams in BananaSymphony. He is in my new Philly crew. I met the bunch of them thanks to Dan (Cough Cool) who messaged me on myspace, he found the Lantern page on Dirty Beaches top friends, so thank Alex I guess!

Here is an instrumental jam we did the other night. We are hoping this will turn into a new project. Me on guitar and Yosuke on drums. Recorded by Yosuke. Cheers to Philadelphia.


Friday, December 17, 2010


One of the greatest vocalists ever.

Light floats down day river on uh red raft o' blood
Night blocks out d' heaven like uh big black shiny bug
Its hard soft shell shinin' white in one spot well
It's hard place dat I'm livin' but I'm doin' well well
The white ice horse melted like uh spot uh silver well
Its mane went last then disappeared the tail
My life ran thru my veins
Whistlin' hollow well
I froze in solid motion well well
I heard the ocean swarmin' body well well
I heard the beetle clickin' well
I sensed the thickest silence scream
Then I begin t' dream
My mind cracked like custard
Ran red until it sealed
Turn t' wooden 'n rolled like uh wheel well well
Thick black felt birds uh flyin'
With capes of solid chrome
With feathers of solid chrome
'n beaks of solid bone
'n bleach the air around them
White 'n cold well well
Till it showed in pain
The hollow cane clicked like ever after
Its shadow vanished shinin' silence
Well well

Friday, December 10, 2010

Dirty Beaches Mix

Dirty Beaches - Eargasm Lodge Mix 2.0 by eargasmlodge

Lantern appears on another mix this week. This one by Dirty Beaches for Eargasm Lodge. It is the track that Alex did the video for. Here is the playlist...

1. Blue train - Johnny Cash 2. I'll be on my Way - Bob & Fred 3. Roll Roll Train - Hasil Adkins 4. I Want to be Wanted - Brenda Lee 5. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes - Nat King Cole Trio 6. The Others in Their Worlds - Sun Ra 7. Tears for Dolphy - Ted Curson 8. The Shadow Knows - Link Wray & the Raymen 9. Catman - The Birthday Party 10. Uighur Pop - Hot & Cold 11. Desert Trip - Gil Melle 12. Untitled - Lantern 13. Bordes of Heaven - Rene Hell 14. Ghost of Love - David Lynch 15. Don't Let the Devil Ride - Ike Gordon 16. Dark Night of the Soul - Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse feat. David Lynch 17. March Theme - Sensational Happy Travelers 18. Diane, its 8am, Seattle, WA - Agent Cooper

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Bernie Krause

Bernie Krause is cool. Really cool. He holds a PHD in acoustic biology, he played synth on a bunch of motown records, in the 60's he put out an electronic music education record, introduced George Harrison to synths, and helped rescue a lost whale in a river and bring it back to the ocean by talking with it - to name a few things

Lately, his work has delt with shows effects of humans on nature - in the picture of a soundscape. Sounds can tell us a lot about the health of habitat. Plus nature is making a lot of sound. Check out this amazing recording of the sound that trees make.


Monday, December 6, 2010

New Hobo Cult Comps.

Frank from Hobo Cubes works fast. I sent him some tracks for a comp he was putting together and a week later he came out with two! Lantern is on comp 2.2 with a new track called "Don't Let Go."

So here they are, 3 hours of excellent underground music from all over! I know what I am going to be jamming to at work.

HC 2.1 by hobocultrecords

1) Eclipse Over a River - Élément Kuuda
2) Alpha Forms - Panabrite
3) Europa - Femminielli
4) Cosmogenesis - Hobo Cubes
5) Sailing Through A Lazer Storm - Citofono
6) 6th Cleaning - Relax and Sleep
7) Vibe Anthology - Body Rush
8) Weather Service Part 3 - THETLVMTH
9) Leurs Petites Mains Vident Mon Corps, Mon Sang sur Leurs Lèvres - Jean-Sébastien Truchy
10) fotoXr.eFE - M. Geddes Gengras
11) Transistor Blasts - Derek Rogers
12) Wormwood - Quiet Evenings
13) Distance - Bermuda Triangular
14) Blurd Wyndlines - Sundrips
15) Flowers Will Flourish At Your Feet - Flaming Rays of The Sun
16) Timetrip Theory - Sinequanon
17) Kecap Manis - Simon Frank
18) Logic Control - C V L T S
19) Plunderfonia - We Are Time
20) Grazed - Reedbeds
21) N Train - Manhattan Bridge - Dirty Beaches

HC 2.2 by hobocult

1) O Senta C - Spring & Pretender
2) Landscape No. 1 - Driphouse
3) Techo Phat Yeah - Coeur de Cire
4) March to Nowhere - Metis Yeti
5) Polyform - Charlatan
6) Here's to the Eight Year Old Boy in the Gas Station Staring at Condoms and Going umm chss umm chss umm chss - Video Nasties
7) De Plus sa Main Semblait Las et ses Yeux Brillaient - RL/JST
8) Kicking the Coals - Parallel Pyres
9) 1965 - Ryan Garbes
10) Travelling Sundown - White Wigs
11) Party in the Bathroom - Wonder Wheel
12) Cabeza Fresca - Ines Navarro
13) Milkfed - Chineselightbulb
14) Itchy Face - Thickly Painted Walls
15) Don't Let Go - Lantern
16) Lassie's Last Challenge - JLK
17) Five Minute Mile - Kellen Shipley
18) Volo Umano - Donato Epiro
19) Cubisme - Ricardo Lucchesi

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Desert Metal Videos

Slayer's Seasons in the Abyss features the band riffing in front of Camels and the Pyramids. COOL!


Sepultura's politically charged video for Territory features the members in Israel rocking out in mudd and shredding solos in the desert.

If you get over Chris Cornell's over-the-top-too-high-too-much-vibrato vocals, this song fuckin' rocks. Kim Thayil is an amazing and really unique guitar player who, has on occasion, contributed and colabed with Sunn O))). The video features the band rocking out in desert with some trippy post production. 

It is no surprise that Kyuss has a music video in the desert. Guitarist Josh Holmes seems pretty fond of it. I believe his later and more famous project, Queens of the Stone Age, has a video of them head banging in the desert. Not too mention he was the brains behind the Desert Sessions.

While not an official video this is an video sync of highlights from Mad Max with Motorhead's The Ace of Spades. Like a shot of raunchy whiskey in the morning.


Lastly, again not a music video but very important to the development of the genre, is the opening credits to Easy Rider with proto-metalers Steppenwolf's Born to Be Wild. Let me know if you have any others out there. I get the feeling there are a lot. -Z

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lantern Music Video!!!

Our 1st music video by Jacqueline Lachance (Has worked with U.S. Girls, Slim Twig, Dog Day) and Alex Zhang Hungtai (Dirty Beaches) is now on Vimeo!!! Cool Acid Western Vibe, hope yall dig it! Thanks so much to Alex and Jackie for doing such a great job!

The track will appear on our bluesy debut EP Deliver Me From Nowhere... on Electric Voice.