Friday, April 15, 2011

New Lantern Tape!

The newest Lantern Tape has arrived!

New is a bit of a misnomer as the recording takes place before Lantern was a band and I (Zach) was still playing with ideas. Never-the-less....

The recording was done by Andy March (who plays drums on the track, mixed and produced it, and put it out)
and Christian Simmons (Play Guitar) in Christian's studio in Montreal - The Silver Door. The group really isn't reflective of the current Lantern line up but an ad hoc group formed in my last weeks in Montreal while I was still conceiving Lantern as a project. It interestingly feature's Alex Zhang Hungtai on bass AKA Dirty Beaches. This is a cassette single. The first track is a blistering metallic psych-rocker. The lyrics and much of the music is improvised. I just told the guys to play as hard and as fast as you can and then a little more and I'll come in with the riff. It features some of my most crazy guitar playing you'll ever hear. The second is a cover of an old Willie Dixon blues Standard, "Love To You" largely inspired by the stones version. The recordings were done to tape live through an 8 track. They sound great. Video below by Robert Drisdelle. The tape is being released on Craft Singles.

Also visit our merch page here. You can grab our previous release if you haven't already, only three copies left!

Lantern - Devil's Rope from Robert Drisdelle on Vimeo.

Grip it!