Monday, December 19, 2011

Lantern Live at Shea Stadium

The People at Shea Stadium up in Brooklyn do a really cool thing where the record all the live shows that happen there and then post them to their website. The recordings they make are also pristine. We fortunately played the last show of the our tour there and were able to capture ourselves in full tour form. Tight, angry, loud, and fast after 5 weeks of being on the road. This is FULL THROTTLE right from the opening chords of a blistering take of "I Don't Know." I hope you enjoy it and those who haven't seen Lantern live, well I hope it more than inspires you to come on out to see a set.

Best and thank you to the kind folks at Shea Stadium. One of the best DIY venues I have had the pleasure of playing.

Lantern - Live @ Shea Stadium by LiveatSheaStadium

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