Monday, November 16, 2009

Mix by Chris D'eon

Avant-Lard has been Mr. D'eon heavy lately and we like it! I asked Chris to come up with a mix to feature his extensive knowledge of electronic and pop music. It also features quite a few tracks by Chris himself. So here it is, the exclusive Avant-Lard mix from Chris D'eon!



chris d'eon - artificial jurisprudence
fingers inc - another side
clarence g (drexciya) - data transfer
metro - brownstone express
wajd - civic planning
chris d'eon -
loose ends - hangin' on a string
chris d'eon - the girl from köln is gone
s.o.s. band - even when you sleep
chris & cosey - hazey daze
unknown - tashi laso, at the top of lucky valley (bhutanese)
cabaret voltaire - arm of the lord
cabaret voltaire - james brown
wajd - ashqabat
zed bias - been here before
dem 2 - destiny
indo - r u sleeping (bump & flex vocal mix)
a.c. marias - just talk

chris d'eon - mix nov 2009 by wajd

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Aaron Levin said...

This Lose Ends track is amazing.

I want an 808 so bad.


Aaron Levin
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