Sunday, June 12, 2011

Avant-Lard Podcast #2 - That's Not Punk! - 6-12-2011

Welcome to the second installment of the Avant-Lard podcast. As promised last week, this week focus would be punk - loosely defined - more in spirit, which in my opinion is what matters. A lot of the music is made by my friends or has been stuff I have come across recently while booking this Lantern fall tour. Which if anybody out there can help or wants us to play somewhere - please get in touch! zacharyfairbrother (at) gmail (dot) com. Anyways I hope you dig this mix - it goes through a range of moods and is a pretty decent jammer. I think all of these bands are so good and I hope you feel the same.



1. Grand Trine - RFID - Grand Trine/Holy Cobras Split (Bruised Tongue)
2. Aluk Todolo - Obedience - Descension (Public Guilt)
3. Women In Prison - Reaction - Demo (Self Released)
4. Purling Hiss - Passenger Queen - Live on Brian Turner (WFMU)
5. The Friendly Dimension - Executive Koala - Cassette Single (Craft Singles)
6. Kill Squares - Last Time - ROOFTOP GARDEN BBQ PARTY VOL #1(Campaign for Infinity)
7. The People's Temple - Sons of Stone - Sons of Stone (Hozac)
8. Cosmonauts - Neon Kids - Cosmonauts (Burger)
9. The Ether - I Have Seen the Smile - The Ether/Lantern Split (Electric Voice)
10. The Offset: Spectacles - Elements - The Offset: Spectacles EP (Rose Mansion Analog)
11. Hot & Cold - Eat People - Sacred Vacation (Rose Mansion Analog)
12. Ancient Crux - In Teen Dreams - Interracial Coupling EP (Family Time)
13. Tonstartssbandht - Big Day Today - Now I Am Become (Arbutus)

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