Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Tim Crofts performing my piece "Buddha Box 1.0"

I just released a solo EP on Divorce Records as a part of the FREEWAVE series; a series free download-able EPs. You can donate to the label if you wish, all proceeds go the label and to the artists. Other artists featured are Mess Folk and Husband & Knife. The EP is a single 15min solo piano piece that I wrote for my friend Tim Crofts. Tim Crofts is a lecturer, improviser, and performer living in Halifax. He regularly performs with the SuddenlyListen concert series, the Upstream Music Ensemble, and his own group Zakugaku. Be sure to check him out and get to know him because you'll learn so much about music talking with him.

Here's what Divorce said about the EP!

Buddha Box was performed in a university concert hall last spring as part of Zachary Fairbrother’s thesis recital in modern composition. I am not sure what the usual crowd looks like for these events, but I saw a lot of cosmic kids tripping in the soft seaters, waiting for their man Fairbrother be born as a professional composer. A special day. This piece involves a grand piano, singing bowls, Buddha machines, various effects and piano treatments. It starts and ends in the most delicate ambient webs, but somewhere in the middle it’s like the piano is on fire and rocketing through space. Quite overwhelming, at the time. Includes a pdf of the score and a photo by Jacobo Garcia.


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